Proposed Changes to:

Honolulu City Department of Parks and Recreation

North Shore Surfing Events

Application Process regarding the Conflict Resolution Method

Documents to be submitted:

Proposal to ID and resolve conflicts with sensitivity to diversity (pdf)

Flowchart_showing_current DPR_conflict_resolution_method(pdf)

Flowchart showing proposed_conflict_resolution_method (pdf)

2_questions and answers regarding_proposed_changes (pdf)

Additional documents for support:

CURRENT City of Honolulu DPR rules regarding shorewater events (city website)

2006-2007 City of Honolulu DPR Ranking Results Sheet (pdf)

City DPR_2006_2007 Cover Letter titled: info_and_instruction(pdf)


1) Flag (identify) conflicts with Blank Calendar SHOWING UPCOMING APPLICATION SEASON  [Prior to or with submission
of normal application and Event datasheet]; included in calendar are notations showing official Holidays; have this calendar returned
PRIOR TO SUBMITTING THE application & Datasheet

     1a) PRIOR TO SUBMITTING THE normal application and event datasheet; send blank season calendar to previous applicants
& request 1st, 2nd & 3rd choice. Request return of applicant's Completed Calendar to city by a certain deadline date.

     1b) Then City Parks Department Compiles and Identifies all conflicts on 1st, 2nd  & 3rd choices and notify applicants of conflicts
and ask them to choose whether they want to proceed with 1st, 2nd OR 3rd choice?  Request return of applicant's choice to city by a
certain deadline date.

     1c) Compile requested Priority Choices. This will be used for Conflict resolution meetings between those parties (conflicting
applicants). Mediation can be requested by the Mediation Center of the Pacific.

2) Compile calendar of applicants who are not in conflict. This group of applicants will be on hold until conflict resolution meetings
are completed or waived and city conflict resolution method is completed (see item 4); then these applicants can utilize normal city
 application process.

3) Notify conflicting parties that there is a conflict resolution meeting date to determine if a resolution can be obtained. Provide them
with entire calendar of events; arrange a mediator/facilitator from the Mediation Center of the Pacific (

       3a) If a conflicting applicant proposes an adjustment between more applicants (non-conflicting) shown on the calendar; those
parties should be requested to attend meeting as well.

4) If conflict resolution meeting fails or is unable to convene by REASONABLE AND FLEXIBLE Deadline date then City internal
conflict resolution proceeds.

       4a) A group of autonomous personnel who will be asked to recuse themselves from the panel if they have any alliances or
involvement with any of the flagged conflicting applicants.

       4b) The Panel will review NON-conflicting Calendar of applicants to become familiar with the current diversity (or lack of
diversity) of the current calendar.  

    4c) The Panel will be asked to review the Conflict Resolution Criteria.

    4d) The Panel will review the applications and datasheets from the TWO applicants in conflict; then the panel will rank the
TWO applicants based on the criteria. This includes which applicant will make the calendar MORE DIVERSE.

    4e) This procedure will be done for each pair or group of applicants in conflict, that is not resolved by resolution meeting.