PRESS RELEASE  Posted 1.17.2008

Honolua Surf Company presents the Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic 
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(Honolulu, HI) January 17, 2008 --- 

The holding period for the 36th annual Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic
presented by Honolua Surf Company, on the North Shore of Oahu, will begin January 27th , 2008 and will run through February 6th , 2008.

This one day event will be held when the conditions at Pipeline are the best available during the holding period (based on swell and wind direction as well as size). The preferred conditions for this event will be 6 to 8 foot (12’ to 15’ faces) West to North West Swell with favorable off shore winds.

Each year, for one day watermen (past entrants have included Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Tom Curren and Donavan Frankenreiter) from around the world come together and participate in a homegrown event in Hawa'ii involving Bodysurfing.

Bodysurfing, called he'e umauma or kaha nalu in Hawaiian, was first enjoyed by ancient Hawaiians at the break called "Pipeline” today. It is believed that bodysurfing at Pipeline was first inspired by the dolphins seen there, long before the invention of the surfboard.

While boardsurfing has evolved into a visible and highly competitive sport, the main draw to bodysurfing is still as it ever was - the intimate relationship between the ocean and the rider in what is  considered by many as the "purest form of waveriding."

The Current champion Steve Kapela (Hawaii) will be defending his 2006 title against a field of seasoned waterman including Mike Stewart, Mark Cunningham, Todd Sells, Keith Malloy at the Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic (due to permit conflicts, there was no 2007 event).

Competitors must swim without the use of any type of board into extremely challenging at the world-class break known as Pipeline.

Pipeline is world-famous for its fast and powerful breaking waves over a shallow reef. Just as Everest is the gauge of all mountains for mountaineers, Pipeline is the ultimate test for wave-riders from all over the world, rewarding the best with waves of aesthetic perfection.

Sixty of the world’s most dedicated bodysurfers will be on-call during the 11 day holding period. Depending on conditions, the competitors will have a one to two day window to compete at Pipeline without any surfboards. At the end of the competition, the top six bodysurfers will compete in an intense final push to determine the new champion.

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